The seasons come and seasons go. Just as the months pass by August seems to create the ombre effect in the year. A little dark , a lilltle faded. Middle of the year filled up with different shades. This month showed me that life could suddenly fill up with sparkly rainbows and can go black white too. My heart beats like a lion and my skin feels like that of a rhino. My inner soul tell me to be an angel. I try to fill up the gaps with love and blessings. So much in me to say, so much in me to write. When the rough road appears i stand steadily waiting for it to be smooth again. Not breaking anyone’s heart I move ahead to find my peace. Then comes a moment when my heart all strengthen tells me to withstand the war. The days go by and here I write what i felt in a past few days. 


Whenever in doubt follow your heart

It’s kind of wierd to share that I keep facing this confused mind all the time.Sometimes life feels very low and miserable but one should keep the spirits high.It’s easy saying than actually doing. My mind sees something and my heart speaks something else. How diverse they are,that I have to leave myself alone to think if I can overcome this situation or not. I can see two roads leading the way.One that is the easy way and one that is a bit challenging but no doubt the second one is going to strengthen me later on.The easy way is at times to quit. I have never liked quitting problems and sobbing the day  out rather I would prefer to face it headstrong. Someday I might be able to conquer all my weakness and be a light of inspiration to my kids. I hope i don’t loose in my battles any day.

I follow my heart and believe that I can overcome whatever I want to.

My heart will never go wrong as it is mine forever.



Dear December ,

With open arms i welcome you again this year,dear December . Another year goes by and I wish this December is as beautiful as ever.The month of wishes coming true,the jingle bells, the cakes and feasts,the winter chills.How can one not fall in love with this month of December ?As I sip another cup of coffee, my heart hopes for a blessed life ahead.December being my birth month adds one more year to my age and I surprisingly feel more enthusiastic about times to come.

I have a lot of beautiful memories about this time of the year.In my childhood days ,anxiously I would wait for my birthday knowing that my father will get me a birthday card.My mother prepared delicacies for my friends.My younger brother who always had a fight with me every now and then showered all his love on this day for me.Oh I felt so special..

No matter how far my father is now..I know he is smiling back on me from the heavens above.

So dear December , please be good to me this year too. Like evers, may my wishes come true.My heart that gets younger no matter my age adds on, will always be smiling. Make me stronger and wiser so I can  stand all straight .The chills dont freeze me but make my head stronger.

Love you beautiful life.

Stay on with me.


A lot of times my mind is clouded by the questions “To do or not to do”?…Just like any other day this day too brings in a lot of questions to my mind. Am i supposed to do this or a thought coming to me frequently .  When in time i have an answer to my questions I feel like a puzzle is solved again.I dont want to blame myself for my failures instead want to standby for my deeds. The life has so much to unravel that a few rights or wrongs do not change the summary of life.Never regret what you do or did rather learn from your own mistakes. The steps you put forth at present are in good visionary so never be afraid to step ahead jn life. Stand up n shout loud cos it’s your life and so you have to walk your own path, your own way. Sometimes the distances are covered in a short span and sometimes it takes miles to run..Doesn’t matter how much smooth or bumpy your ride is, the destinations should  be reached.The life comes to a halt if you stop and think “TO DO OR NOT TO DO..”.

I am happy to share what  i feel within.

Hope you are liking my thoughts.

Keep reading as more is coming  the way.




Let the mind overlook the barriers 

Let the eyes see the hidden

The soul fly in the sky of hopes

The heart follow and hold the ropes

Let my smile never fade 

As it was innocently made

The fears all get broken

When my feet stand the ground shaken

The love in me will never die 

Even when I will bid a Good bye

I want my girls to be strong

No matter how long it goes wrong

Let me shine out from the dark

And show them all, I will make a mark.

Finding the Positive in the Negative 

When a standstill from the life looks like a negative; dont forget to notice the untouched positive. 

In life there are a lot of times we see it splitting n falling apart..but never underlook its positive part. When i say this,I point out that situations are challenging but they dont put an end to one’s life. A positive is developed by a negative ((photographs )) ..So it is in living beings too. When ever you feel the life less in colours put a smile on your face for being able to see the black n whites.. cos life is precious . If u r alive you can atleast see..A blind eye cannot see anything but darkness.You are privileged to see it even in blacks or whites. So dont feel low , dont feel down, cos every moment you live is a life passing by. Dont be Thankless . .there may be times of difficulties but the perspective will change it all.

Hope you like it..

I share with U

Hi there..

This is my first blog ever . Though i have been creating a lot of blogs inside me over these years. But i felt that penning it down for keeps would make me an evolved soul in terms of intellectual powers. These days i have felt the need to express myself as I have been ageing well with time and these moments are truly to be shared with myself and all those who feel like reading and writing .  

My blogs will collaborate all that happens INSIDE as well as OUTSIDE of a normal human.Moreover I feel I have the power with words n can tranform situations on a positive path. Dont know of how many would read my feelings, but with the idea of dwelling myself with the world at present ,this is the best way to outburst my inner thoughts. 

Hope u will like to connect with me.

This was just an intro..I will be writing very much . .Stay connected .